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Pat was sitting in the sun working on both the crossword and sudoku in his newspaper. He said that switching between the two helps him to complete them. When I asked if I could make a portrait of him he pulled a comb from his pocket, tidied his hair and happily allowed me to take a few photographs.

I was very glad that Pat agreed to have his photograph taken because I've been struggling a bit with this project recently. Up until Aisling (who was stranger #18) only one person had declined having me photograph them. However, since then I've had a good few rejections. I was in London for a few days and found it difficult to approach strangers, mostly because Londoners seem to be wrapped in their own iPhone cocoon and oblivious to the world around them which makes it difficult to make that initial interation. When I did manage to interact I found that they were a little sceptical and standoffish and in the end the awkwardness didn't lead to any photographs. I've also tried to further this project in Ennistymon (a small village in West Clare - probably the polar opposite to London!) and, even though it was easier to get talking to people, they were also camera shy. Of course, my approach will hopefully improve over the course of the project as I gain more confidence so I might revisit these places down the line and hopefully get on better.

Thanfully, when I tried in Limerick Pat agreed so I'm glad to be back on track.