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Fantastic idea, I especially love the stories that go with the photos, it shows you really took the time to talk to all of them. I might steal the idea for the same reasons, I'm not good with people shots.
- Colman

I love the variety you have. I love the 'spiel' you give with each photo. You should consider getting it published - there is a photo book out at the moment with just derelict houses/rooms in it.
- Phil

Love the idea. Great photos and ideas
- Simon

I enjoy the challenge of spotting the latest stranger when I check in. I also try to remember the occupations etc and match them to the photo( when I should be doing something more productive of course)
- Bridie

Interesting concept this whole "photographing strangers" thing. It's quite challenging and pushes you outside your comfort zone. Just browsed yours and I'm liking them a lot. The little one or two line story really gives them a personality and makes the viewer fell like they know them a little. look forward to following this project to it's conclusion.
- Denis O'Donovan

You must not have your granda's genes if you need courage to speak to strangers!:) But you are doing great. Lovely photos. Don't give up.
- Peg

Love this project Kev. Looking forward to seeing some more. :-)
- Michelle

Very beautiful portraits ! Well done !
- Kevin

Good for you Kevin! I think this is a very inspiring project, understanding it is out of your comfort zone - but what a great start!
- Gerardine

This is a great idea, especially with the little stories about the people. Really like it and bookmarked the blog so I can keep checking on it! Great pictures so far, looking forward to new ones :)
- Franzi

Great shots so far, and a fantastic idea! Not one for new years resolutions, I did, however, promise myself this year I'd do more street photography and portraits. Not that I'm going to steal your idea, but you've definitely helped with inspiration. Good luck getting to #100!
- Mark

so lovely portraits.I always want to capture faces i see around but feel some kind of shame by asking them to photograph their face.but u have good capability to so.
- Ayesha

Great project Kevin, wishing you the best of luck and patience with it. Will make a great book when completed.

Hey, Kevin! I wish you luck for your new project and my compliments for portraits!
- wind